Welcome to Yorkville Hops and Produce LLC. We are a small thirty-acre farm located in Yorkville, Ga. We were blessed to buy the property in February of 2016 and spent the next year clearing off the briers, brush and scrub pine trees. So, what to do with the land after it was cleared? My neighbor started hitting golf balls on to the land because he said it was like living on a golf course. We are trying to be good stewards of this land and make it into a viable, sustainable farm. So we planted two vegetable garden and planted forty-two hops rhizomes. The vegetable gardens did great. The vegetables, weeds and bugs all did wonderful!

Of the hops, only one came up. It grew to be twelve feet tall and produced a pound and half of hops.

Last year we planted a hundred and forty three more rhizomes. Ninty-five Cascade and forty-eight Zeus rhizomes. We had great success. One of the picture to your left is of our first year Zeus plants. They grew to be twenty-five feet tall and were covered with cones. We also planted three more gardens and at the suggestion of our local UGA Extention Representive and tried taking them to our local farmers market.

This year we plan to build on last year's success by adding a third more vegetable growing space which will bring our vegetable gardens to eight. Also increasing our rhizome count to four hundred and thirty-two. God willing (and the creek does not rise.)

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